Cell and Tissue Dynamics Group

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Principal Investigator

Julio Monti Belmonte

2018 - present Assistant Professor at NC State University
2014-2018 Interdisciplinary postdoc, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
2014 Phd in Biophysics, Indiana University Bloomington (IUB), US
2007 Master in Physics, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil


Sophia Webster

Sophia joined the group in Fall 2019. Her position is joint with four Quantitative and Computational Developmental Biology cluster members: the Elting Lab, Laplante Lab, Belmonte Lab, and Reeves Lab (all at NC State).

Tricity Andrew

Project: Modelling the left-right asymmetric development of the Xenopus Laevis (frog) stomach.

Graduate Students
Michael Norman

Michael joined the group mid 2019. He uses computer simulations to model and investigate competition between contraction mechanisms in cytoskeletal systems.

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Elijah Numa

Project: Complexity levels in myosin motor modelling

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