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Cellular mechanisms of chick limb bud morphogenesis

G Lesnicar-Pucko*, JM Belmonte*, M Musy, JA Glazier, JA Sharpe

BioRxiv doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.09.10.292359

A mechanical model for early somite segmentation

P Adhyapok, A Piatkowska, MJ Norman, SG Clendenon, CD Stern, JA Glazier, JM Belmonte

BioRxiv doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/804203

I Fortuna, G Perrone, MS Krug, E Susin, JM Belmonte, GL Thomas, JA Glazier, RMC de Almeida
Biophysical Journal 118(11): 2801-2815 (2020)
Parameterizing cell movement when the instantaneous cell migration velocity is ill-defined
GL Thomas, I Fortuna, GC Perrone, JA Glazier, JM Belmonte, RMC de Almeida
Physica A 550: 124493 (2020)
Polarity sorting drives remodeling of actin-myosin networks
V Wollrab, JM Belmonte, L Baldauf, M Leptin, F Nedelec, GH Koenderink
Journal of Cell Science, 132, 219717 (2019)

Fibroblast state switching orchestrates dermal maturation and wound healing

E Rognoni, AO Pisco, T Hiratsuka, K Sipila, JM Belmonte, A Mobasseri, C Philippeos, R Dilao, F Watt
Molecular Systems Biology 14, e8174 (2018)
A disassembly-driven mechanism explains F-actin-mediated chromosome transport in starfish oocytes
P Bun, S Dmitrieff, JM Belmonte, FJ Nédélec, P Lénárt
eLife 7, e31469 (2018)
A theory that predicts behaviors of disordered cytoskeletal networks
JM Belmonte, M Leptin, F Nedelec
Molecular Systems Biology 13, 941 (2017)
JM Belmonte, MH Swat, JA Glazier
PLoS Computational Biology 12 (6), e1004952 (2016)
Virtual-tissue computer simulations define the roles of cell adhesion and proliferation in the onset of kidney cystic disease
JM Belmonte, SG Clendenon, GM Oliveira, MH Swat, EV Greene, S Jeyaraman, JA Glazier, RL Bacallao
Molecular Biology of the Cell 27 (22), 3673-3685 (2016)
3D simulations of wet foam coarsening evidence a self similar growth regime
GL Thomas, JM Belmonte, F Graner, JA Glazier, RMC de Almeida
Colloids and Surfaces A 473, 109-114 (2015)
Somites without a clock
AS Dias, I de Almeida, JM Belmonte, JA Glazier, CD Stern
Science 343 (6172), 791-795 (2014)
Multi-scale modeling of tissues using CompuCell3D
MH Swat, GL Thomas, JM Belmonte, A Shirinifard, D Hmeljak, JA Glazier
Computational Methods in Cell Biology, 110, 325 (2012)
SD Hester, JM Belmonte, JS Gens, SG Clendenon, JA Glazier
PLoS Computational Biology 7 (10), e1002155 (2011)

Self-propelled particle model for cell-sorting phenomena

JM Belmonte, GL Thomas, LG Brunnet, RMC De Almeida, H Chaté
Physical Review Letters 100 (24), 248702 (2008)